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Whether you are a proponent or opponent of colon cleansing therapies, you will agree that this is a quick and painless method for individuals to receive alleviation from different stomach problems. You can count on Colon Care and Weight Loss for professional services at affordable rates. I am in Greenwood, AR and offer:

Professional Colon Cleanse

Professional Colon Cleanse

Colonic Hydrotherapy

This is a technique during which, the colon is washed with warm water to release fecal residue, gas, and mucous plaques. Once the unhealthy matter is released, nutrients can be absorbed and retained in the body. RoutineĀ colonics can lead to a more permanent effect. I have many clients who admit they have felt relief right after the first procedure.

Colon Cleansing

If you come to me for regular colon cleansing, you will feel alleviation from bowel discomfort shortly after the therapy. I only use sanitized materials and instruments when working with my customers. Get rid of all the waste accumulated in the bowels and improve your quality of life. I will be happy to promote your better health and well-being.

IBS Pain Medication

Sadly, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a common health condition of the large intestine. Symptoms can vary, from stomach discomfort to strong pain. If you are going through periods of constipation and then periods of diarrhea quite often, you need professional assistance and repetitive colonics until the issue is over. I will do my best to help you get rid of the pain and stomach discomfort with the right medications. I am a proficient healthcare practitioner who knows all about such problems.

If you still have any hesitations and the information here is insufficient for you, call Colon Care and Weight Loss at (479) 269-5650. I will be extremely happy to speak with you and answer all your inquiries. If you live in Greenwood, AR and feel embarrassed to talk to anyone else about your bowel problems, come to me. You can call me 24/7 and receive advice and a detailed explanation of the procedures I perform. I am expecting your calls!

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